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AlignMoney (BaaB- Banking as a Benefit)
Your one stop shop for financial needs

A product management expert’s evaluation of and perspective on Align Money
Author: Viraj Phanse
Date: November 3rd 2019

What problem does AlignMoney solve?

Financial stress and poor management of finances is a huge problem for the adult population in the United States. Employers are unable to educate their employees effectively and create financial well- being in their organization. Further, banking and financial services space has thousands of disruptive digital products like SoFi for loans, GEICO for insurance, mobile first banks like Ally Bank. While these products are really good at the problem they solve, it leads to a lot of confusion amongst consumers. At the same time, the customer acquisition costs for such platforms and even the traditional financial institutions like banks and credit unions is so high, that they cannot be profitable.

How large is the Customer Impact?

At a macroeconomic level, AlignMoney is solving a multibillion dollar problem for the entire financial ecosystem. While the end users are the employees, this B2B solution has financial services players as its partners and businesses right from small startups to big enterprises as its customers. It can potentially impact about 10-15 million employees in United States with its initial offering targeted towards small and medium businesses.

What solution and benefits is AlignMoney providing?

AlignMoney is a is a one-stop-shop for an employee’s financial needs and education. This platform is digitally transforming organizations with a concept called Banking as a Service. The state of the art mobile application from AlignMoney is secure, user friendly, offers flexibility to the workforce and helps create a new vehicle to increase employee satisfaction. The digital marketplace from AlignMoney for financial needs right from home loans, insurance to credit cards, investments and other financial instruments provides an easy access to employees to make an informed and educated choice catering to their financial needs and requirements. It has created a new focused channel for financial institutions and service providers that helps reduce the CAC (customer acquisition cost) and reach directly to target audience. Businesses providing this unique Banking as a Service offering can gain from higher employee retention, stress free employees and ultimately leading to higher profitability through highly productive employees.


AlignMoney is an amazing digital product that is solving a real problem for an inefficient financial marketplace through a focused and targeted disruptive solution.

About Viraj Phanse

Viraj is an internationally recognized product management and business strategy expert. He is currently leading various product management and strategy initiatives at Oracle for NetSuite product suite. In the past, he has worked as a product manager at INSZoom for its cloud, analytics and marketplace products like Docusign INSZoom Integration and ZoomDWH, as a Director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at a cutting-edge NoSQL database startup called Aerospike where he managed key partnerships with IBM, Nokia, HCL, Wipro & Amdocs to name a few, and as a Director of Product Strategy, Sales and Business Development with a focus on digital transformation at Persistent Systems Inc., a leading digital services and solutions provider. He is a Fellow and Selection Committee Member at Berkeley Angel Network and a Rutgers San Francisco Big Data Advisory Board Member. He has done his M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA and MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.